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What are Advertising Banners and How Do They Help Your Blog?

February 9, 2021

Using a banner is a form of Internet advertising. Banners are a way to advertise a business in a digital fashion. Each banner has images and text rather than just images. Banner design plays a role in how banners as advertising are perceived. My business for psychics to get paid a salary will function as a series of banners that are linked to a profile. I need to find a programmer I can pay since my skills are a bit rusty. Banners do also function well on specific color schemes. A banner has to be clicked on in order to prove it is working instead of annoying a customer.

There are multiple ways of using banner advertising for your content marketing since the banner is dissected as being an advertisement displayed onto a web page.  Web advertising links to the website of the individual or company doing the advertising. A banner consists of a visual image that attracts people to your website. What my business idea that currently has no name, although it is merely a concept, is doing is to provide psychics with a salary so they can afford to lower their prices. No bookshop thinks of doing that since psychics count as self-employed people.

In order to legitimize the field, I’d like to make sure that a psychic can get a regular paycheck but also they would have to interview with people who want to be hired to make sure they aren’t arrogant with pricing. The arrogant sort will demand a higher salary although my vision is to give everybody an equal salary of $1,000 a month that is justified. So on months or weeks they get no work, the salary will help them stay afloat with their income.

The banner is an advertising medium intent on attracting traffic to your webpage. It is like print media advertising only in the digital world. A banner would serve to increase customer traffic. Banner ads help sell a product. My banners would serve the purpose to attract clients to the psychic network. Clients need to be able to access a psychic’s services in an affordable manner. As an example, Airbnb succeeded when Google featured display ads that target to what people are searching for. Advertising is meant to catch the customer’s attention, and my idea for banners is one way to get business. The banner would generally link to a profile.

We get exposed to thousands if not tens of thousands of advertisements a day. It can be exhausting to cop with but you’d have to live under a rock to not see it. Commercials are a way of standing out and being creative. My business idea for using banners and a web page advertising psychic services that are affordable for the average person is to design a website that helps this community get business while maintaining a stable income. My idea is to approach metaphysical bookshops with this idea.

People need to be able to access the services of a psychic for less than what is charged now. Even people with their own businesses charge a lot for life coaching, health coaching and what have you. There could even be a phone application in this business as I have a separate idea for that. I have to present this idea to metaphysical bookshops. Psychics simply need a better salary. If they buy the idea, the idea has to be priced a certain way, and I need to see a lawyer and a business broker to figure out the pricing.

It is time to send out a notice to SCORE to get somebody’s advice. But first I need ink for the printer so I can print out my business plan. That plan also needs to be edited. It just popped into my claircognizant head that this idea is the easiest to pull off, because then the money will come in for the T-shirt business, which will be started after I sell half this business to a partner and the other half to a bookshop. At this point, I’m reading a book on how to sell a business from Nolo press.

I have an idea for a phone application that comes with the psychic website. This phone app would mean more ways of getting business. I feel a strong need to talk to a metaphysical bookshop in my area, only because I feel that they can help me. I want to set myself up as the HR person with a salary, for the website for psychics I want to start. I named the business Shadow of the Phoenix Rising. This could be a temporary name since I’m rather stumped on names at the moment. Normally that comes as easily as a title, but this business is different.

For this website, the idea remains to charge a membership and a monthly fee, but also paying the psychics a decent salary of $1,000 a month. We need people with money to pull this off. Will the bookshops in the Bay Area like my idea or not? I’m not sure. There are many questions that need to be answered so it is time for me to ask SCORE to send me someone I can talk to. I need to print my business plan so I can place it in front of that person who will give me business advice for free, as SCORE has really great access to business mentorship and is a subset of the U.S. Small Business Administration organization.

I’m going to start using SCORE’s webinars and courses on demand since I cannot afford classes just yet. The online library is useful, as is the real world library. But yes, the phone application is a project I should try to pitch to the metaphysical bookshops. I need to start making money to pay for various stress-reduction treatments, as well as to be able to start driving again. I need to feel secure financially in order for this to happen.

The Shadow of the Rising is a website that should be accessible to anybody who needs services at a reduced rate. The profile and banner should have a location of where the psychic is so that the client can find them. Developing an easily accessible psychic service platform is our goal. I need to find business partners who are calm, rational, and able to function types of people. Yes, I need to start telling people my ideas. I want to do this. I am busy being paranoid somebody may steal my idea. I’m that much of a beginner here.

I’ve thought about writing this idea out in snail mail format as my true age that I do not look remembers the era of writing snail mail letters. It might yet work to present to potential business partner’s, both the phone application and website idea. My website service is unique because it fosters collaboration not competition. While other metaphysical groups may be the competition, some may yet be interested in my proposal. We need to come up with an on-boarding scenario and fee for these groups only because I have to figure out how much money I could make through business partners.

My direct competitors have a website attached to their bookshops. I’m not sure of their past strategies. I want to set myself up as the HR person for the company.  I can imagine the competition as being existing bookshops although I feel this idea is unique because psychics charge way too much for services. They do this because they don’t have a salary backing them up, or helping a psychic by bailing them out. It is possible to sell this business idea. How do you price a business to sell half of it? I need to read that angel investor book I got.

I’m overwhelmed with reading my Nolo Press book on how to sell a business. Starting and selling a business in my home State of California may yet be easy. My business would not have stocks as an entity sale would only because it is a private company. If I sold this business to a bookshop, I’d be selling their assets and liabilities also. I need to find a good document preparer to even begin doing the sales presentation.

In California you have to sell a business with a promissory note, security agreement, confidentiality agreement, non-compete agreements, company resolutions or stock transfer certificate. A business has to have a bank account but selling it means you have to close your bank account. There you have an outlined strategy on how I’m going to go about selling my business. The system demands a PASS plan that will detail how I make money. I will eventually complete this project. I also need to get myself evaluated to prove I’m stable enough to manage my money properly, for more on that head to my blog,, and read in more detail.

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