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Google Adsense for Beginners and Pay

February 23, 2021

I’m confused as to how Google Adsense works, and I’m trying to sort it out using Google itself, while also writing this article.  Google says you paste ad code on the site in order to attract people, with the highest paid ads appearing on your site.  Then you get paid?  You get paid from Google billing all the advertisements and networks for ads on your site, while you receive your payments.  I understand that Adsense is free, since you display the advertisements next to your online content.  Adsense can be used in conjunction with Blogger, where I do have a blog that focuses exclusively on pagan things and that I keep separate from my WordPress blog.

Google pays you for the advertising based on user clicks, but the payment depends on the type of ad.  I’m still confused as to how Google Adsense works but this article has somewhat helped.  Adsense is an automatic process that targets Google advertisements directed at your content or audience where you learn how Google targets advertisements on the site itself.  Adsense may or may not work with WordPress, I’m confused about this one too although another article says that 10 million websites use Adsense.

Adsense has different ad formats such as text, images, HTML ads, video ads and more.  Advertisements can also be run in different sizes.  Google Adsense is all about cost-per-click and revenue sharing.  Niches in the United States are insurance, online education, and marketing and advertising.  A blog needs to cover various different types of topics.  Blogs only succeed because of how much traffic a blog can generate.  Make sure you are writing as a participant of a niche you are an expert on since that determines how much money you make.

If I was using my Blogger blog daily, I could make money off of it, but I pay attention to and have monetized my WordPress blog, which has not made significant income yet.  I’m just working on getting 10 views a day or more right now.  Google has to be made aware that your website has fresh content on it daily.  This is because people expect to read new posts about the subject you are writing about.  For example, if you are a therapist, writing about mental health, your readers expect to read pieces about mental health topics.

I have to start using Blogger more to make more money if it is even possible to make money off of Blogger.  This article; suggest to go to the Monetize and Set up Adsense tab.  I don’t know if there is a fee.  There are instructions to sign up for Adsense.  A blog can be set up free at times, although WordPress charges for Monetization since I did wind up paying for my blog.  I eventually have to march down to Social Security to talk to them about my PASS plan, and my get off low-income health care ideas.

I want to make $100,000 a month.  For that, I’ve estimated needing 10,000 readers a month?  I’m not sure about this number.  But that is the impression I get when I look at my readership statistics.  So I guess if I keep plugging away at it, I will eventually make significant income.  The next step would be to log into Blogger.  I suppose I should upkeep Blogger more if I expect to turn it into an income stream.  And I logged into Adsense just now to see if this article helped me figure it out.  It did.  Sunday should be my update Blogger day since my blog is about religious topics.

I left one post on Blogger for my work this year with the website.  My WordPress blog could offer services, the psychic services I want to offer, as well as virtual assisting.  Pay Per Click is a type of Internet marketing, where advertisers pay a fee each time one of their ads gets a click.  The ad sends a visitor to a website.  Paying a $3 ad can lead to a $300 sale, which is an encouraging form of profit.  Pay per click works as a type of auction.  Pay per click comes in several different forms, such as a search engine that requires you pay a fee.  The advertising is part of a useful pay-per-click technique,  Google determines what to pay with PPC.  The flow of the situation begins with the price you’ve been given, and the ad rank of the person below you, with your quality score, linked to 1 cent.  To create a way to search for words, the PPC user must work on keyword lists that they also have to create tight keyword groups surrounding those lists.

A landing page is then judged by the quality it has been customized, but not limited to the relevance of keywords, their ultimate goal is reflected as a clear call-to-action.  Quality scores are what Google does to rank your page’s advertising design.  The page is tailored to specific search queries that will be made by the searcher, a search query that is linked to the keyword.  Pay per click is something that can make money if the web traffic stays linked to your business’s topic.  Making money online is an easy, because the Internet is a total advantage in this day and age.

Pay per click simply involves clicking on an advertisement on one site that will lead you to the next site.  You have to pay something to earn the right to propagate a click but that single click can lead to a $1,000 sale.  If your ad is useful, Google lets you pay less for the clicks you will get.  If you want to start using PPC, you simply have to learn how to do it properly.  Google Ads operate on a pay-per-click model, where users need to bid, and then create ads that appear in the Google search engine with Google properties.  Pay-per-click, the model pays for each click on their advertisements.

Your Pay-Per-Click advertisements have to have a quality score.  The core is a metric that determines if your ad is relevant or not, all without having to study advertising, in intense detail.  The higher a quality score, the better the advertisement.  Google determines what you pay, because the advertisers bid on the ad.  Depending on the ad rank, actual CPC becomes income cash flow.  Ad words by Google has a way of being triggered by a “placement” on Google Adsense pages, because a publisher has to make ad space ready for the Ad Words advertisers.  PPC keywords can get expensive, and do require a review that is necessary to shut off if they really become useless.  PPC keywords must be adapted to the landing page.  I hope this article means I’ve figured out how to use PPC.

PPC comes in different advertising formats.  Google Ad words are thus an Ad network.  The Paid search is an advertising model, which pays the platform host.  Advertising online can come in many formats.  Google Ads operates under the assumption that people are going to work on real-time bidding, because advertising inventory is sold into private automated action that relies on data generated in the immediate present.  Advertising is ranked while Google considers the bid amount.  The context of the search is laid out with the user’s device keeping in mind the time of day it is when that device is being used.  PPC is something very easy to learn, and works depending on the format you are working on.  A quality score is a way to rank performance, as well as relevance of the keyword to the ad.

In order to make PPC work for you, you have to research proper keywords just to make sure the hits arise, as they need to.  One click could cost $3 with the click resulting in a $300 sale.  This works on the principle behind Google ads that operate on a pay-per-click model, which means each click yields a profit.  PPC is relevant to your business and what you are trying to sell.  You have a niche you need to sell your product in.  This means having keywords that are relevant. Pay per click changes while expanding its campaign reach, as this is the only way to make sure your keywords are adapting to the flexibility of the campaign.

I set up my Blogger blog with an Adsense account. I have a goal to update this blog once a week to see if that helps me make money. I realize I have limited financial opportunities right now despite working on my business plans, and looking for jobs. I know I have to be patient about making significant income some day. It will happen when I least expect it, or force it to happen. I have to take it slow, and not be in a rush to make money here. I’m a decent writer who can finish her work on time.

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