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The Next Steps for My Business: The Shadow Network

March 1, 2021

I need to attend an ELAC legal advice clinic soon enough.  I have written down my questions.  There is the matter of finding equal partners who can put me in my place given my judgment is compromised due to my schizoaffective.  I want angel investors who understand that, but who will not just stigmatize me for now reason.  I had to tell mom to back down on telling people about my mental illness let alone what else is there to talk about she said?  I am the one to tell people about that, she shouldn’t be saying it.  I did do my psychic brainwashing on her not to talk to people.

Anyway, yes, my next step is to work on my Power Point presentation.  I also have to set up writing my own non-disclosure agreement.  I have an idea that can help save a metaphysical bookstore from shutting down.  This store I’m trying to keep private has been through a lot.  This network could be explosive with how successful it can wind up being.  It is a valuable resource and I used to hang out there practically every weekend when I lived where I used to live.

I’m someone who gets ideas plenty of times.  Very often all I have to do is be sitting on my couch or elsewhere.  Ideas pop into my head when I least expect them to.  It is a claircognizance thing.  But anyway, the Legal advice clinic did say my social network for psychics is a great idea.  It might actually work.  I just need angel investors now who can fund the project.  I work hard daily, very often for little pay. is a huge resource for me that I can make real money off of.

But SCORE keeps telling me to get a job, that’s what my last mentor said who wasn’t providing any real concrete advice beyond that.  I may try to dress up for ELAC in the next two weeks on 3/13/21.  I signed my form that says you are not being represented, you are just getting advice.  Question is I am questioning my ability to pull off a non-disclosure agreement with said bookstore.  I mean I’m practically giving them a business idea, with my blessing, wanting to be an equal partner.  I want to help them pull it off, but they are in charge of hiring programmers who freelance.

I have also made a huge decision not to allow Dark Art practitioners to sell materials that could be used to hurt people.  I’d allow those who help people with curses and left-hand path teachers on but not people selling materials that can curse someone.   Curses do not work unless you let them work.  Although, sometimes they can work.   I must say, I do not curse, often, but sometimes I wind up getting frustrated.  I have limits to my patience.

Yes, no dark arts juju people of any kind.  We don’t want law suits happening.  Besides, that is simply a fact of life for an entrepreneur, that some people will be jealous of your success.  Anyway, though, yes, I need to start looking at finding business partners, partners with more experience than I have.  I need to be able to pay them too so hence why my mentor says to get a job no doubt.  I’m going to try to to get funding since now is the time to make money.  I’m sick to death of being low income without other means of making money.  I know I have tons of options out there, given that there is still funding floating around.  This is why I want to try to angel investor route because I need someone who can help guide me while starting my companies.

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