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How to Arrange Angel Investor Funding Sources

March 11, 2021

I may have to fire up my LinkedIn for this to go directly to the source.  I will have to sift through existing people already connected with.  I want to find a business partner I can trust, so it can’t be just any old Facebook connection.  I know I could ask old friends from older support groups for help.  The number one requirement, it has to be a friend, period.  I want to be able to make sure my friend can be supportive.  I’m being kicked around by two hernias, one umbilical and one hiatal, and I feel companies can snuff out the sickness in me.  I’m trying to find an unpaid internship.  Don’t just talk to me, get me to send you my work, and tell me you need someone who knows more graphic design.  That’s kicking me around.  At this point, entrepreneurship sounds better than working a normal 9-5 job since it can make me a whole lot more money.

I’m embittered by my job search.  I’m totally bitter and not at all enthusiastic about it.  I’m low-income but there may be a way to publish a short story I wrote under my pen name that remains separate from this identity, which I hesitate to reveal since I want to hide identifying characteristics from people so I can write about family without being obvious.  I’m stressed out, pissed off, and not happy right now, FYI.  I feel raw.  I’m frustrated on many levels.  Hey, but my mother wants it to be like that for me, so she doesn’t give me regular income or attention since I ignore her too.  I’m relieved I don’t have to deal with her picking fights.  It gets ridiculous what she actually fights with me about too.

So anyway, I want a drama-free business partner who will not cause me further trauma.  I realize how messed up I am from stuff when I go on Facebook groups about toxic families or narcissism in general.  I am slowly starting to realize that other people have gone through similar situations.  My non-profit idea involves getting chronically ill people away from abusive families.  I want to build a warehouse shelter in San Jose, CA, because people like me with chronic illness lack resources to escape their abusers.  We are lucky if we find a job where we are not automatically fired the second we get sick or sicker.

Yes, I’m terribly frustrated right now.  I’m past frustrated.  I’m pissed off at being low income.  I want to find angel investors.  I want to set the bar real high when it comes to benefits.  Why people don’t provide more benefits in the working world is beyond me only because they don’t bother.  I’m seeing things from a somewhat cloudy perspective.  I’m getting a touch jaded, which isn’t a good influence on my positive attitude image that got me through high school.  I’m trying to get my work done today without getting too depressed here.  I have an eye appointment tomorrow.  It’s scaring me because I might hear the end-all catch phrase “you need surgery. ”  To which I will say, are those words actually coming out of your mouth?  I have another doctor covering for my usual provider.

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