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The Powerpoint Presentation I’m Writing and The Next Step

April 25, 2021

I’m on the verge of two events here regarding the Shadow Network idea.  1) file for an LLC corporation/file the paperwork necessary to incorporate, and 2) finish my Powerpoint Presentation.  My Powerpoint presentation starts off as a new concept for a new era, the social network with a means of paying psychics a salary.  What me and the bookshops need is an angel investor who can pay up salaries while the people signing up for the service itself pay $100 a month for the membership itself. My target market is made up of psychics of all kinds, healers, readers, and astrologers.  Ordinary folk go to us to get insight, right? Insight they don’t otherwise have access to themselves.

At this point I need to find an equal partner in this venture only because I need an HR person to oversee the hiring process or maybe that HR person could be me if necessary, I can take classes. The Internet is now around 25 years old, and I am envisioning a company with the capacity to provide psychics with 401K plans as well as health benefits.  I need to raise $100,000 of start-up capital business funds as needed.

The bookshop could hire its own programmer, which is one suggestion I’m making in slide 5 of my presentation I need to present eventually.  I have to wonder why New Age bookshops deal with economic hardship on occasion only because they are a ready-made advertising venue.  Working psychics sometimes write books which wind up in bookshops often enough.  I’m looking for a business partner in the bookshop as well as a person with enough experience in this kind of field.  My next steps are to file articles of incorporation with the State of California.

I’m also going to file the San Jose city business tax for my business, La Conquistadora but first I have to file my taxes by May 14th, 2021.  I have a real talent for making funny business names.  My article writing business is called Tough B, Inc. and doesn’t make any money necessarily.  I just nailed making $100, my earnings goal on Textbroker.  Next month I’m getting my tax refund, staying in the limit and not necessarily going to earn any money for the month. It leaves my time wide open to finishing my books, the psychic attack book and the anti-toxic dating book.

I’m still surviving off of the stimulus check.  I’m doing my best not to freak out about this or the fact my Internet TV is down on my Firefox Browser and I’m going to have to call Clickaway. Yes, it will be done.  I’m in general, plugging away at the two books I’m writing at the same time.  I’m also going to have to submit my second draft to Writer’s Digest.  I need to keep up my blog a bit more this month.

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