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Finding A Business Partner

April 11, 2021

Somebody who will question my judgment, not that’s an issue but given my schizoaffective, it could turn into one.  I have OCD also, which definitely impacts my life.  I need someone who understands how my type 1 diabetes impacts my life. I woke up at 36 mg/dl this morning, which means don’t even try to make my strawberry shortcake today.  My energy is coming back.  For those of you who keep up with my Facebook page, I have pancreatic insufficiency not pancreatitis, because the CT scan came up perfect.  I am still using  the Creon at this point. My business partner(s) had better understood people for the reason that I get stressed easily, and I’m eventually going to invest in stress management classes on Udemy.

I need a business partner who is someone that has experiences I don’t have, like an MBA, which I don’t have.  I could have spent the last 10 years getting it but instead I have had to dedicate the last 10 years to myself rather than going to college to prove to my family I can get a degree, which supposedly leads to a better job.  Yes, I have to take it easy at this point in my life right now.  I’m definitely working on improving my life, given that I’m working from home as a copywriter, and I wrote my business plans on this computer, which doesn’t have an upgraded operating system, its 10.9.5, if anything an old operating system.

I need to buy myself a laptop but I’m trying to stick to the same budget.  This means openly writing about my spending habits on Facebook.  It means sharing with my page what I’m buying.  If someone of course, has the nerve to point out I’m over spending.  When will someone point that one out, I have no idea.  Someday someone is going to have the nerve to do so.

I’m a busy bee with constant ideas rattling around in my head.  Consequently, my thought process is not as linear and boring as others.  Ordinary people have linear thought process, thinking my digressions are pointless when in fact they actually aren’t.  I try to think of every possible contingency, but even that is my OCD talking.  I have to make real money to pay for extensive mental health treatment I need.  My family washed their hands of paying for stuff years ago.  I’m really up the creek here when it comes to OCD, although I take my medication for it consistently.

I’m facing major surgeries, quite a few of them in fact.  This impacts my ability to work but I’m trying to freelance on Upwork.  I’m already dealing with companies who refuse to respect my time.  Somebody demanded an interview from me at 9:00 a.m. Eastern time, which in California means it is 6:00 a.m.  I’m sorry; I’m not getting up that early for you.  This means they weren’t taking my application seriously at all.  Wow, added frustration.  I’m going to make companies that hire disabled people, period.  Somebody found this so appalling at work 2 future.  It was like, hey, you really take this dream of mine personal?  Lol.  Come on, give me a break.

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