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Why Seeking Funding Confuses Me

April 1, 2021

I’m thinking I’m going to try to make real money eventually.  Why?  Because I’m sick to death of being low income, that’s what.  But seeking funding for my business from angel investors or loans confuses me.  I know the business plan is the vehicle to give to these people who would invest in your business.  I need equal business partners with money too who can give me a salary at first if they are the ones in charge.  I know I need to make money now, and eventually pay for all my medical care and expenses myself.

Yes, this is the eventual reality I will face.  Mom and dad are pretty much not helping me financially much save the HOA fee and the property taxes which I need to pay for myself. This is something I really want to do granted, pull my own weight in my family.  Seeking funding and presenting to seek funding is something I’m working on as I have a Powerpoint presentation going for my save metaphysical bookshops business ideas my free legal advice people tell me is going to work.  This makes me feel less than the total idiot I feel like most days. 

Yes, the next step is fuzzy in my head since writing the damn business plans was the first step.  Oh how some people hated me for doing all the work saying it won’t pay off.  No pal, it will eventually pay off.  So will this blog.  Yes, hard work eventually pays off, and my family can’t call me lazy.  For all the lies they make up, they cannot call me lazy.  That was actually said to my face before they moved.  I sold my car, so I can’t use that as collateral.  Having written decent copy about loans lately, I cannot necessarily say that loans are out of the question but they seem to be a very bad idea.

Loans need to be paid off.  I don’t want to put myself in a debt cycle.  You see, I have to pay off a $900 credit card bill, slowly since no job is coming anytime soon aside from Textbroker.  I’m busting my butt to work as a freelancer too and I’m going to reopen my Upwork and Guru accounts so that I can make extra income this way.  I want to make real money here, because I want to live more comfortably. I need to file my 2019 taxes, and my 2020 taxes since no stimulus card or checks have come to me just yet.

The pandemic has made me have to put a lot of things on hold.  I’m trying to take it easy and not get myself sick by hanging out with people only because in these challenging times, that’s one way to get yourself sick.

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