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In Business For Myself-Progress Getting Information

March 27, 2021

Section A:

I’m working on this business idea stuff only because of the American Writers and Artists Institute having a deal on this one book for $1. A workbook was also included. I’m studying my ideas, and am going to put together another business plan. Not today, but the AWAI-oriented plan has to be done. Today I have come to realize that I second-guess myself all the time. I need not gaslight myself, as I’m free of this stuff from my family, so why should I do it to myself?

Why are you in business? What needs or problems do you solve for

others? (For example, “I help retail marketers boost online sales; or I help

animal welfare organizations and conservation centers grow their visibility

and donations.”)

I’m in business of writing general copy, medical copy, legal copy, and political copy only because I’m proving to everybody I can make a 6-figure income.  I’m pretty much trying to carve out my niche right now using AWAI resources.  I’m trying to write for existing businesses and doctors and lawyers into business for themselves. 

What types of industries or companies do you want to serve?

Ideally, you’ll list just one or two: Small Business, Healthcare, Financial,

Business-to-Business (B2B), Nonprofit, Food Retail, Business

Opportunity/Franchising, Travel, etc.

Section B:

Small Business, business, and health care.

What is the current state of this market? (If it isn’t in a growth mode,

it may not be a good time to get in.)

I’m not sure. COVID has brought much to a standstill since it has run rampant on the planet.  Good copywriters are in high demand for 2020 and beyond.

2. What’s the size of this market and project potential? (For example,

lucrative projects are more available from corporations than tiny


The size may be mediumish. 

3. Does this market know they need your services? (If they don’t

perceive the need, it’s harder to find work.)

I will have to advertise or use Francesca’s (Facebook person) method to get more copywriting jobs/clients.

Section C:

I’ve managed to learn to use

I know Quickbooks. My niche industry experience is  Some ghostwriting experience. 

3. what is your unique selling proposition.

I sell copy to medical doctors in business for themselves, I want to sell legal copy to lawyers in business for themselves.  I want to write how to articles for psychics who want to sell that as they are also in business for themselves.

My business name is Tough B. Inc.  Why?  Because it means I have overcome a lot in my life, and I am selling myself as someone who has achieved monumental things in my life despite various odds.

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