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Why Finding Funding is Confusing Me

March 17, 2021

So you’ve written a business plan, and now it is time to find angel investors to sell it to or get venture capital that you have to put up collateral for. I’m aware that my next step is to find a business partner I can give half my business to. I have website business ideas to start. I mean I’m really feeling like a kid in a candy store as I have many ideas to put together in a concrete manner that makes me money. Selling your business after piecing it together is but one way to make money.

I’m confused as to how to sell a business idea, which is why I’m writing and pitching this article. There is a way to make sure that your business idea will make money. There is such thing as having people sign non-disclosure agreements. My next trip to the library will be to get books about angel investment, venture capital, and how to find a business partner because now is the time to figure this scenario out. The

business partner should be able to make me their employee or at the very least co-owner. Selling a start-up idea requires having a marketing plan to find a target group of customers, while also determining how big the potential market is growing.

You also have to know who your competition is. Your pitch has to concisely explain how your start-up will make money with charging customers for your product, and what are the costs coming up in order to generate a profit. You have to pitch only to those who know the industry you are getting into very well. A pitch has to sell the idea in like 30 seconds to 1 minute.

If you have a great idea, you need to be able to sell it. It has to be worth something to someone who wants to buy it. Forbes says to sell yourself. Pitch your idea to someone who can do something about it, while selling yourself. This is definitely my next step while I finish all my business plans. I have some sales jobs experiences since I got a job in sales years ago working for Cutco. That was quite the experience. Sometimes it is hard to sell what you want to sell, but this is best combated by being an expert on what you are selling, because you have to connect with someone who shares your passion for whatever it is you are trying to sell to someone.

In order to sell a business, you have to sell it to a paying customer. You cannot call yourself a business owner until you have sold an idea. Selling ideas is what makes you money after all. For experience sake, it is easy to think about how to find businesses online that you can buy to gain experience with. To gain experience, one can also buy a franchise that they plan on running for themselves. You can find a restaurant to buy that perhaps can make you money because you can work your own hours.

Selling a business involves trying to write a PowerPoint presentation or putting your business up for sale on some website somewhere which I need to do more research on in the first place. PowerPoint presentations are what I’m going to use to do the majority of the marketing I need for my business. Who are my customers? Existing companies like Google, or other businesses that need ideas. For inventions, I want to get in on the marketing end of marketing a vein finder, only because I want to see if I can start selling a device instead of getting into the manufacturing end of things. I’m looking  up many an article to figure out how to get this done with my many business ideas.

I’m an entrepreneur who writes business plans right now. Selling your idea takes place in steps. In my limited understanding of how to sell a business idea, I went and found this article for it: Buyers want to know if the person behind the idea is competent enough to be a vice president or a department manager, not just the person who is trying to sell a business idea right off the bat. An idea has to appeal to the buyer’s intuition, that to them means it will do well. You have to tailor your idea to the person with whom you are talking to. You make buying less risky, if you present your idea as valid although someone may tell you otherwise. You need to be in sync with the agreement in the room while you pitch your idea to people in a concise manner. If you need to find a business partner, you have to make sure they agree with you that the idea is valid.

Your marketing plan has to focus on a specific customer type. This means you have to look at demographics. For example, my personal assistant phone application business plan is something that I finished writing this year. I finished writing it this year. I had to finish it this year anyway because in my head it works similar to DoorDash, you can get a personal assistant as needed. It would be an idea that would majorly take off. Or perhaps my anger room business plan that is a chain of smashing stuff rooms I’d like to start, which is something that could be sold to an angel investor/partner. I have many ideas, and it will keep me busy the next thirty years of my life or so. I’m trying to figure out how to get my businesses off the ground. It is something I’m working on, which has dawned on me that it is a slow process requiring patience on your part. You kind of need to make sure you are able to make the idea launch because you want to succeed.

Writing a business plan is the key to success these days even if I read a book on how to throw it out, only because you have to have a business plan written for the bank. If you take out a loan, they want proof of how much you can pay it back if you have proof of income. Loans are sticky because you have to pay it back no matter what. You could wind up in heavy debt, which is why I’m going to get an angel investor rather than a loan. I went through college without loans because I paid for creative writing classes myself with a scholarship since mom and dad only helped with a year of school. I had to get my scholarship from FAFSA the rest of the time. They also paid my AA degrees- one in anthropology with honors and a creative writing associate degree or bachelor’s equivalent. I do not have graduate school standing.

I have many a business idea. I need a job or to make significant income from blogging. Blogging is something that can make a person significant income in the thousands per month. I’m trying really hard here, yet nothing seems to make a dent.

All told, I have 27 business plans accounted for with the Gluten-Free bakery idea being new. Having a gluten-free bakery means that gluten-intolerant people can finally get baked goods they do not have to make at home. This is the newest business plan I’m working on. My law firm for disabled people idea is in a folder because it is a blurb. A blurb is a short paragraph on what the idea is about. Other brick and mortar non-profits such as WeHelp require a warehouse to be bought so that we can establish a shelter in it.

I wrote business plans for books also which are separate from my business plans for actual businesses. I finished the entire website ideas section this year. My other ideas are blurbs for athletic ventures, which I can’t do right now because of my knee injury. For my book, How to Give Bullies What They Deserve, I have to write a proposal. Books by themselves are a small business. As a writer, I’m self-employed. I have to do my taxes this year because I’ve made nothing for the whole entire year. This is why I stay put as low-income.

But anyway, there is time enough to make USB drives to send to relatives and friends. The churro business alone is a huge idea that I want to start. I put together these ideas in college, where they were stuck in my head. I have to rip it out of my head, putting it on the computer. I have ideas that can keep me busy for many years. This is why I’m going to put it all together just because I want to make something of myself. Starting a business is not necessarily that hard if you read a lot of books on the subject since the library is a free resource.

PS – As of 3/17/21, I have around 45 finished business plans, with the exception being the home farm that I’m going to have to start working on again. I’ve been very busy writing copy and keeping up with other projects.

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