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The Next Steps

May 3, 2021

The cost for filing the Shadow Network LLC is $800 annual tax according to  The cost for filing a city business tax is $207.85 for a business of 1-2 employees.  I want to file with San Jose only because I feel that I should start La Conquistadora sooner rather than later. I’m 40, it is time to succeed. I’m afraid, I’m terrified, but I need to make real money here to afford a bunch of alternative medicine and stress management modalities such as massage.  See, before the pandemic I had my anxiety under control because I was leaving the house to go to therapy every Tuesday and Thursday from 2018 on.

Said mental health therapy was actually helping my tormented left knee to bend.  Yes, I really need more Upwork experience to pay up the tax situation for either business idea.  My computing situation is also causing me stress and aggravation but the stimulus check and my regular amount is keeping me afloat financially. My tax refund will go to pay a new computer.  It is time to get off the pot with that one because I’ve been putting it off way too long. I’ve decided I’m going to try to apply for the Shadow Network LLC fee waiver. I’m really going to do this incorporation stuff.

I need to get these businesses off the ground. My copywriting business needs a business plan.  I have a half-cocked plan to offer copywriting in Spanish also, hence the Spanish laced name but it really is meant to be funny as in, I’m going to succeed. This is the meaning behind the name. I’m just an innocent person who wants to make significant income so as to not be dependent on my parent’s income. Yes this would change the balance of power drastically but it needs to be done. I also need to move to Los Angeles or figure out a way to divide my time with a roommate living here so as to displace my parents should they try to come back.

I really need to put myself into mental health rehab. I’m dealing with a lot of mental health stress.  I have to keep myself on an even keel though and it would certainly help if I had a business partner I can trust. I have major trust issues with most people. I’m trying to work on it but I can only do so much therapy. This is why I need to start my business. The expression “get off the pot” comes from the use of chamber pots way back instead of toilets. I’m trying to deal with my procrastination issues by facing the stress head on.

            This computer is losing function. My word count doesn’t work right now. It is glitchy, massively glitchy. It is why any operating system above 10.9 is an improvement. Office files won’t open or open very slowly.  I’m getting scared here but my tax refund is waiting. I’m trying not to let that make me anxious. I need to file my tax refund. I’m doing that tomorrow when my 7cups online therapy payment clears. This computer is going the route of very slow.  It is why I need to buy a new one that I can watch my TV on since the Widevine media player got taken out. Avast is the antivirus scanner, and I have learned Macs for the better part of 5 years now to the point where I’m confident I can set up a new, refurbished desktop myself. Yes, I’m stessed but at least I have my own money I’m using for this new computer not belonging to someone else.

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