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Certificates I Want Research Project

May 11, 2021

                        Certificates I Want: Alternative Medicine Research Project

Greyschool – Psychic Arts and Healing double major:

I’m earning a Greyschool degree in Psychic arts, and healing.  I have decided to step up and try to finish it this next year, which means doing consistent work, submitting one paper weekly.  Yes, I can do this even while taking one class of regular school a quarter, using the Foothill College online program. I’m determined to finish Greyschool even as I’m taking my merry time with it. Psychic arts is necessary to become a trained psychic even if I use a web page to get business. Healing is necessary to work at Our Sacred Space, without losing it from other people’s energy stuck in my body.

Reiki:  I have a level 1 under Jessica Miller, and Pantheacon’s Reiki attunement event way back in like 2013.  Jessica noted I’m a level 1 while whipping up a certification.  I used this as a credit for Greyschool. Usi Reiki comes from Mikao Usui, who channeled this modality on top of a mountain.

Reiki II: Udemy has an abundance of Reiki classes that I want to take.  They certainly seem to have many courses I need to get under my belt so I can put that on my resume.  

These classes are in an affordable price range, and just like Greyschool, a great option.  Greyschool has taught me incredible things.  They offer a Reiki certification prior credit.  As is my reputation in these parts, I should not enroll at an in person Reiki course due to my mental illness.  Reiki can heal Mr. hernia symptoms if I see a practitioner, in private practice.  I might even be able to take Reiki II with Jessica Miller:  Now that is one way to earn a certificate as I know a teacher who can teach me everything she knows.

Reiki Master: Many options to take this class exist online.  Udemy has some great classes that make sense.  I feel safer taking it online than taking an in-person class. I’m far too paranoid about how people will treat me if they stigmatize me for taking medication. This class can be taken with Jessica Miller.

Theta Healing: Taken with Melissa Lee, her sessions are $75 a session.  If I have that kind of money, I will use it.  I’m really not feeling well today.  I have a lot of trauma I need to process.  I want to take lessons from her, but I also need to be healed by her.– a website to find theta healers and information on the subject.  The pineal gland is the master gland that controls your body, apparently.  Theta healing is a brand of instantaneous healing.  I want to become a theta healing practitioner at least. But why? Why am I so interested in such unscientific things that could be utter bullshit?

Karuna Reiki: A modality of Reiki I’m interested in studying, karuna means that a person takes any action to reduce the suffering of others. Here is and the list of Reiki classes offered.  People take this energy healing hokey old-time religion stuff very seriously. Reiki comes in many different forms but it all came from Mr. Usui who taught it after learning it on top of a mountain in Japan.

acupuncture schools:  I need to find two acupuncture schools, one in San Jose, one in Los Angeles.  I may wind up having to divide my time so I keep the condo in the family where it belongs as I need a place to live in the Bay Area.

1 In San Jose

Five Branches University Graduate School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

I want a Doctor and Master of Traditional Chinese Medicine to go with my Ph.D. in psychology.  I’m almost forty, I need real income, I’m not getting any younger here. 

This university is at 1885 Lundy Avenue in San Jose, CA. So therefore, close to home if I had a car or could take the bus.

1 In Los Angeles

4 year acupuncutre training class, preparation for the California Acupuncture Licensing Exam (CALE), required if you practice in the state of California.  Both schools are great offerings. But I want to move to Los Angeles, remember?

The Los Angeles School has an herbal medicine department, from the Chinese medicine perspective.

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