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Resources For Starting My Copywriting Business

May 15, 2021

Starting a copywriting business is something I have to pay the business tax on in San Jose, CA, which is $207.  My copywriting business is contingent on me having stamina to write daily.  I’m using content mills I want to become a member of but I somehow self-sabotage with the entrance test to Steady I feel like despite the positive message I got on my Linkedin, somehow I sabotage myself by getting anxious and not doing well.  I have work-related trauma since I’ve had to deal with an abusive workplace.  I’m busy trying to learn to maintain my desire to work part-time with

Yeah some of this stuff is just more reasons to see a therapist since I already have one with 7cups.  I’m trying my darndest here to make real money on Textbroker, wondering if I’m ready to break away from the degree mills.  I make money in the $100 bracket…my tax refund is coming eventually.  I’m looking into copywriting as a general career choice and AWAI or “American Writer’s and Artists Institute. ” AWAI has a lot of self-guided programs, and you can learn their method to become a skilled copywriter.  I take advantage of all freebies and whatnot.

Anyway, the thing is that I’m eventually going to make real money, and fix a computer I messed up with some darker underlying reasons I can’t talk about in public as to why that happened.  But anyway, I’m just an innocent person trying to make real money.  AWAI has access to how-to webinars.  I’m trying to shove my brain full of information right now.  I need to do this in order to figure out what to do next, like paying San Jose city taxes for businesses so I can legally start a business.

I want to write copy for local businesses, and see if that gets me noticed.  I want to write for any business I find who wants copy.  It could be restaurants, it could be doctors in private practice and legal copywriting. I want this. I want it bad, because I like working and setting my own hours as opposed to being a slave to someone else’s perspective on time.  I’m looking to work with people who respect my time, and skills, two of my valuable resources that I do not have to just give away to anybody without that being valued.

I have time and again, dealt with toxic work place scenarios where my time is disrespected. On Upwork, I simply withdraw my application.  I do not want to be kicked around because I have free time on my hands.  Those doctors that disrespect my time get me calling in and rearranging appointments because I will not tolerate my resources being disrupted in any way.  Just because I have free medical care does not mean my time is something other people can waste.  I’m a busy person, and I do not need people disrespecting my time like it is something they can just knock because I have a disability or more than one. 

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