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Intrinsic Magick

August 24, 2018

Intrinsic magick is an art form and a subset of magick that means you only do the spell on the astral or perhaps inside your head. Intrinsic magick is something you do in a contained environment that you use your imagination to create. There are no requirements for tools in this magickal system because you can invent tools inside your head to use that have never existed before. If you want to, you can confine magickal use to the inside of your head since daydreaming can count as a magickal act that brings about manifestation. I spend my life in my head manifesting.


Intrinsic magick means all ritual is performed in your mind. Every step of the ritual starts in your mind. I often help people get unstuck with stuff in their lives even though I’m pretty stuck myself in a Paper Doll Syndrome thing. You can perform mental rituals anywhere in the world, “(or at least within your mental landscape) or outside the world” (182). I do my visualizations in the hypnogogic state between being awake and dreaming, or asleep and dreaming. This is a pretty powerful form of magick. I can call myself an intrinsic magician with no initiation necessary.


Intrinsic magick is all about the mind because the mind has quite a few different planes. We pagans believe our will changes reality. Will is about having strength of character, as well as the ability to create your own reality. Will is a powerful beast. It is responsible for addiction as well as the act of letting go of addiction. Pagans believe in taking action to create something. We pagans believe in hard work, which means we have accomplished something, not necessarily that we believe in lazy visualization only. Concrete steps need to be taken.





Amber K. True Magick: A Beginner’s Guide. 2nd Edition. 2006. Llewellyn Publications.


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