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The Introverted Extrovert and Their Needs

August 25, 2018

Anybody who has known me any length of time knows I get stressed out in crowds. It is why I stay home a lot even if I live around many people in a large city such as San Jose. I avoid crowds because I have immense trouble shielding in a crowd. I also have past life trauma about crowds and mob violence situations. I have to integrate my past life trauma with a skilled practitioner but see there isn’t the money for that. I have to do this trauma stuff on my own. Also, as an introvert, I need alone time to recharge since I do have an extrovert switch thing going on.



As an extrovert, I can stand it for long periods, but I need to be by myself to recharge my energy. An ex-friend of mine didn’t understand this because she insisted on coming to see me. I had to dump this person due to irresponsibility, her own, towards herself, as well as toward me. If you are impaired in any way and you have MI, don’t show up at my place randomly please. If you have a cold, I demand you stay away from me until it gets better. I need to introvert myself sometimes.



It gets particularly bad when I’m doing something that involves speaking in front of people. I know it will get bad if I ever do become a performing comedian. I have heard it said twice in both junior college and university that I’m funny enough to be on Saturday Night Live. Being around crowds is a huge energy expense for me as I’m a spoonie, it depends on how much energy I have from sleep any given day. You see, living in crowds means ambient energy but seriously, I use sunlight, clouds, the sky, cosmic energy, trees, nature, starlight and moonlight. What I worry about is living in Los Angeles and getting manic in that thick crowd. Human soup.



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