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Ancient Aliens: What they Are Trying To reveal

August 26, 2018

Long ago, the star visitors lived amongst us, telling us how to worship them because the humans thought that the aliens were Gods. They gave us civilization, taught us writing as well as psychic arts, and much more. The alien beings gave us the freedom to use their rules to run our civilization. Humans were barbaric towards each other but the King was seen as the ruler according to divine intervention rules. Ancient Aliens influenced Egyptians into mummifying themselves as the star visitors came to earth in suspended animation. (Ancient Aliens Season 3 Episode 14). They were expecting to reanimate in the afterlife but that is really hard to do when mummies are prepared by taking out internal organs.



The star visitors have long held an interest in what happens on this planet. At this point in our technological development, we earth humans do not know what nearest habitable planets to us there are. We pretty much do not know if we are the only ones out here, having discovered distant galaxies. We don’t even know for sure if there are other universes out there. There are most definitely other dimensions in time and space.


They were guiding us heavy-handedly early in our development. Maybe they’ve always watched us from the time of Atlantis and Lemuria. The Lemurians moved their civilization underground and Mt. Shasta is one of those entrances. I wish I knew why they hide out so much. I almost would love a chance to interview one of them in person for my blog. Some believe there are civilizations on this planet living underground. But hey, we surface dwellers are stuck where we are. We are trapped in our civilization because we do not have the technology to protect the environment we are polluting.


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