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What Magick Actually Is

August 26, 2018

Real magick is not as instantaneous as TV would have you believe. Real energy is about changing reality with your mind, it also doesn’t glow like fictional energy. In real life, you see it with psychic vision. Psychic vision means that you can see it in your mind’s eye but not with normal vision. You can see colors with psychic vision that are hard to replicate in real life. As in, colors outside of the normal color spectrum that you get with visual sight. There are colors out there in the spirit realm that exist only in that realm.

You see, I’ve been back from the dead a few times. I have had various health problems in the past like my type 1-diabetes that means I have had to be brought back from the dead. I am not prepared to reveal this situation, but I have to say that it is real. There is such a thing as alternate dimensions when you leave your body to decide whether or not you will stay or go. Magick is the divine spark. It is energy that has existed in the universe since the Big Bang.

Magick is inside each and every one of us. It is the will to survive against all odds. Magick can be ferocious if not tamed properly. But then again it will not be tamed because the energy is unyielding to foes while you use it to protect yourself from harm. Magick can burn you if you do not respect its power though. Power comes in many forms because it can eat you up inside if you allow it to. Never mess with divine protection from every god in the universe. Messing with this can be dangerous. It means God will abandon you if you disappoint the gods by not taking care of yourself if you need medication to do that.

The Gods gave us magick to make our lives better, not to mess ourselves up. The Gods watch over us, taking care of us as we can take care of ourselves. Deity is everywhere and ever-present. Our power can protect us both from ourselves as well as others who mean to bully us or to bring us down. Power can easily corrupt one, however. Magick can burn you up from the inside. It is why putting up a front doesn’t work. Putting up a front means that you have to act okay about stuff. Magick demands real from you though.

Magick is what helps you survive a chronic illness or two. Magick is what keeps me alive, besides insulin. Magick is always there and has been on Earth since the dawn of time since the earth first formed around our sun, millennia past. Magick is what allows ideas to

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