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Why I Want A Law Degree

August 27, 2018

I want a law degree in order to help other disabled people get jobs, deal with discrimination, or perhaps their situation of lacking treatment for their disability. I’m also interested in civil rights law, as well as mental health and the law. I want to work in law offices as a paralegal, but I also want to help people escape abusive families. I’d love being D.A. of Los Angeles someday also. Getting a law degree would also pave the way for me to become an actual politician. I would like to serve in the California State Assembly.


Helping the mentally ill as a pro bono lawyer is my heart’s desire since I can’t find anybody like that to help me. I wish I could, but I can’t. I have tried. If anybody reading this is one, I’d like referrals or help to find somebody who is pro bono as my family is coming back this year. I have been a parliamentarian in this present life with student government, where there was an atmosphere of intense bullying. Yes, somebody once said stick with appointed positions, but well, I realize I can run for office at UCLA in their student government, a class I’d enroll in too. In every school I have ever gone to, I have tried to participate in student activities and clubs.


Yes, going to UCLA is my lifelong dream. I’m interested in this school, which I wish I could go to full-time. If I can work for extra money and get off the dole, I’d be able to get stuff done. Yes, I want to buy a mansion close to UCLA so that I can fill it with starseed, pagans, and disabled people as a type of safe house for those fleeing abusive families. I’d rent a study, and a bedroom that I see being upstairs as my knee injury will have totally healed by the time I get to UCLA.

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