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The T-shirt Business

August 28, 2018

I have a new idea for a t-shirt, which will say “I’m not suicidal,” and anybody who wears this t-shirt is tough enough to say it out loud. Even people who have anxiety and depression as the only thing they deal with could wind up in the psych ward, given their depression gets bad enough. Anxiety is terrible. There is nothing good about feeling messed up. Not having medication for many years messed me up. I see that as a deliberate action in the now, however. In the present, I can sleep very well, and I feel well rested today. But in the past, I was exhausted all day, every day. At night I couldn’t necessarily sleep because I was a caffeine junkie at 12.



I used black tea to stay awake so I could get my homework done from 6th grade on. Back then; chamomile tea was the only method of calming down that I could use. I wish I had medication as a child because I really could have used it. But no, it wasn’t in the cards. I have learned anxiety as a response to everything that I need to unlearn. It is nice not to have sweaty palms or a racing heartbeat though.


My t-shirt business is all about making people feel just a tiny bit uncomfortable when jolted into thinking for themselves about mental illness. The thing is, many people still don’t know how to talk about mental illness. They are terrified of stigma, hence my “No stigma” t-shirt idea. I need to hustle on the t-shirts because I want to make enough money to pay for school as well as buying a mansion in Los Angeles close to campus although I could start off by paying rent instead of buying it out right in the beginning. I need to live walking distance of campus. UCLA is a huge, sprawling campus; I need to find a mansion near the law school, since I want a law degree combined with a master’s in public health. So when all my t-shirts come out, please find a way to buy my t-shirt and send me to school.




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