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Why UCLA Is the Right School For Me

August 29, 2018


UCLA is the right school for me because they have a J.D./Public Health masters degree just waiting for me to earn. I think this web page says to apply separately to the J.D. and the master’s in public health.

I have come to a decision to take some master’s level classes at San Jose State if I bother getting into the master’s program just to take those classes. I have to finish biology classes at the junior college level for one. I need to take a bunch of chemistry classes too because I survived high school physical science class by using vocabulary questions to boost my grade since the actual math stumped me.



Now that my mental health is finally stable enough to contemplate going back to school, I realize that I may yet make it if I find a job that I can work from home until my knee gets better. I need to manifest $200 to pay off the insurance company I found so I can get started with training. I have a lot to publish all the time too. I have much to write. Maybe making money won’t be that difficult?


UCLA has that law degree/public health concurrent program which I want to apply to in the next few years. I’m not even sure how to squeeze in an MBA. Or an M.S.? I’m confused as to what I want now. I know I want to do law school first, so I will take paralegal classes at De Anza, which transfer over to my J.D. I know one of those classes is Legal Research and Writing. I know I have to take the GRE and pass, and the LSAT and pass. I have been very patient with my financial situation but I’m running out of patience here. I would like money to pay for school by now.

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