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My Heart Murmur Went Away But I Still Need Antibiotic For Dental Work

August 30, 2018


I was born with a heart condition called pulmonary atresia. I do not need to restrict activity because of this heart condition. I’d say when my knee is not injured, that I’m pretty athletic. From my last cardio, I have a normal pulmonary valve. I mean my heart is normal, healthy, and I still need antibiotics before dental work regardless. I have a visible cavity I need to get filled and I made an appointment for next week. I was born with pulmonary atresia that didn’t require surgery? I’m still really confused.

My medical record states that my heart structure is normal as it comes. My heart murmur apparently disappeared. I’m doing great with my health as it is. I’m able to maintain my blood sugars. I can actually hit stuff now because I’m able to make a fist and punch. I can also use elbow strikes. This is what I get for not being in martial arts class for two years now. I was about to start working full-time when I fractured my tibia and dislocated my kneecap completely. This kneecap injury is making me crazy although using knee braces will solve the problem.


I will get my cavity filled next week as help came in the mail. I feel enormous guilt lately for feeling good. My family has issues-I should not feel guilty for feeling okay. I have no idea what that’s about. I didn’t know my heart “problem” was so normal. I mean I hardly have a murmur. I can’t stand looking at my medical record sometimes due to misinformation that my family has perpetuated. You see, I’m writing this blog to set the record straight. Narcissists lie a lot but they think lying is okay because they feel they are above the law.


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