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What I want to Paint

August 31, 2018

If I had art supplies, I’d start a whole industry of painting pagan symbols, symbols in general, nature, I mean I have to take drawing 1 at De Anza, granted. I color more than draw at this point. I’m busy trying to find a job right now, a work from home job because of my knee injury. I need to paint for some reason. It is yet another creative urge I have to satisfy. I can do many different paintings including landscapes, one doesn’t necessarily have to draw people. I’m willing to learn how to paint too because it just hit me recently that is a fine way to make money, painting.



My aunt was a painter, my uncle painted, and my grandma painted. I’m following a long-standing tradition in my family. The art bug has bitten me, and only because I have to satisfy my creative urges. I feel the need to paint. I can’t explain where it comes from. Painting is one way to do something with my life, eventually selling my work online. I have one good phone to use for this endeavor. Somehow though, I feel a bit down from not being able to find a good work from home job.

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