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Psychic Attack

September 2, 2018

A psychic attack happens on the thought and thinking front more than in the physical world. It is different from using a fist or a leg to kick somebody like you would do in martial arts. defines psychic attack as, launching harm to the physical, emotional, spiritual or mental state of a person in the form of your thoughts. Some of us feel thoughts are things. Psychic attack can come from friends and family members. It can come from anywhere. Somebody good at it can mess you up by sending you anxiety. Conscious attack comes from jealousy, a lower emotion.

A conscious attack can come from using black magick, witchcraft, or spell casting. For people who view witchcraft as all over dark arts, psychic attack is real to them. Jealous practitioners can launch attacks on each other if they want to. Some attacks from family members target your sensitivities. Attackers usually want what they can’t have, the victim’s looks, career, life partner or whatever else. The attacker usually lives in fear as in other articles, bullies are easily jealous of people they bully. The victim has something positive the bully is intimidated by as bullying somebody with negativity and lack of empathy is a psychic attack anyway.

Psychic attack involves dreams or nightmares. Sometimes a psychic attack could come in the form of a sexy dream. The originator has something in mind with that one but you have the option of becoming lucid and beating this person up once you take care of your dream. Fatigue for no good reason is another symptom of psychic attack. In The Art of Psychic Protection, Judy Hall writes about how she “had been expending enormous energy “defending myself” rather than just keeping my protection up” (44) as she is attempting to look at her situation objectively when she was being attacked by somebody in her religious community who knew what they were doing. She realized she was feeding him.

This means that they want the attention you are giving them. Bullies often prefer negative attention to none at all. When you call a bully out on their actions, sometimes they just don’t bother admitting it. Those sorts will eventually be mean to you no matter what you do or say. Some people do not give up on being mean to somebody. They like it. They thrive on it. They enjoy themselves too much.

Psychic attack is a negative energy being unleashed on an unsuspecting person. It means that they really want to bring down somebody on a spiritual level. That sort of meanness is something that worms its way into your mind. It stays stuck there. It means that the person will not let up until you are exhausted. Bickering or fighting is another way to bully or psychically attack somebody using ill will to attract attention. Fighting somebody all the time is a way they have of depleting your energy. If you send back love, they won’t know what to do with themselves as you might feel their pain or hear screaming. The thing about psychic attack is that they want you to feel bad. Thoughts are things. Remember that when dealing with psychic combat scenarios. The attacker wants you to crack up. They want you to lose it. To beat this, you have to dissolve the things they lodge in your head. It is the only way to expel their damage from your system. If you know something isn’t true, that you imagine being true, then you can beat this type of psychic attack by releasing the thoughtform that isn’t true. It is best to tough out psychic attacks because none of it is really true about what they have said. Bullies are walking psychic attackers. They like it. That’s all you can really do is avoid them.

Works Cited

Hall, Judy. The Art of Psychic Protection. Red Wheel Weiser. 1996.


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