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Psychic Manipulation

September 24, 2018

Psychic coercion or psychic manipulation is done by drawing in some of the energy of the person being manipulated. The aggressor generally finds a way in using the victim’s sympathy, empathy and compassion. Some aggressors work on a way to gather pity from people who have no business feeling sorry for me. They manipulate people into believing odd things about me like the “low IQ” story. This is some of their favorite lies. Such a lie is not only a fabrication it is perjury. I’m none of the above. They just love making shit up though. I’m busy busting my butt figuring out that giving psychic readings could make me money.

So yes, psychic manipulation involves the victim giving their free will to the person who wants to take it away. It is a subtle act of total evil as the victim gives their energy to the victimizer, doing whatever it is they are told. Psychic manipulation is all about power and control as is coercion. Fear of death plays a huge role in why people let someone else control them. Some people are simply good at brainwashing. It is my life’s work to uncover how brainwashing does stuff to people, and to come up with a way to counter this effect.

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