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How to Fight Coercion

September 25, 2018

Coercion can be fought by not giving in. Some people are good at talking others into doing bad things like drinking more than they should. Drinking too much past your limit is something that some addicts prefer doing compared to sticking with one glass of wine. They do this to prove they can pack it away. People who stoke addictions are everywhere. If somebody decides to pressure someone else into drinking, don’t put up with it just to be polite. If you have limitations you want the coercive idiots to understand, don’t just suck it up. Tell them no.

Coercion involves the use of psychological force to get somebody to do something that goes against that person’s core values. It can happen to POWs, or abuse victims. Coercion causes anxiety related stress tactics. Victims of coercion cannot set up ego defenses while losing the ability to make coherent decisions, with their ability to reason becoming undermined. This is often what coercion does to a person. It means that they cannot think differently from the person brainwashing them. Abuse victims are the victims of such circumstances. When coercive people restrict sleep, this is part of a cult-level brainwashing tactic because only the abuser matters to somebody sleep deprived.

Along with controlling a person’s social environment, abusers go out of their way to isolate their victims. Setting up rules as to what to talk to outsiders about is another method of coercion. Abusers like to make their victims feel powerless, by setting them up in situations that undermine the person’s self-confidence. Threats to finances, social pain, and other different kinds of threats are coercive in nature from the abuser to the victim. Victims do not have a strong sense of self when emerging from an abusive relationship.

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