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How Not To Get Sucked in By A Cult

September 26, 2018

Cults are lead by manipulative people, sometimes those who use their psychic ability to manipulate others, in order to extract their free will from them. Someone has to be willing to be manipulated for this to work. If they are open enough to suggestion, then the manipulator wins. Cults have a strong authority figure running the show, which makes powerful suggestions to everybody else. If a cult leader knows enough hypnosis, they can take over their victims’ decisions. According to Working, there are 3,000 destructive cults in the United States with 4 million members.

The types of cults are religions, psychological/enlightenment oriented, commercial such as multi-level marketing businesses, political cults and Nazis. Religions have altruistic purposes while cults purport to value helping other people but do not necessarily have any other motives other than membership. Cults do not recruit people with psychological problems or physical disabilities. Many cult victims do not have something wrong with them when they first join cults. Some cults provide safety for some people when they feel that nothing else is going for them. When a person feels they have no other options, they are easy pickings for a cult. It takes a strong personality like mine to avoid cults in the first place.

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