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College Helps You Learn To Think For Yourself

September 27, 2018

College classes can undo brainwashing of all kinds. You learn to think for yourself. You learn to value critical thinking. Academic work thrives on the ability to make your own opinion about what you read or heard. Thinking for yourself inoculates you against cult brainwashing because it means that you can strengthen your ability to think rationally about various subjects. You have to have an opinion that is backed up by your argument even if it contradicts the teacher’s original statement. The point of writing papers or going to lectures is to learn to think about what a teacher means for you to question.

The ability to question what you are told means that you are able to think something contradictory but the teacher has to put up with this. College taught me how to look at various points of view. My papers, however, got marked down for not having a concrete enough opinion. Be wary of trying to merge two ideas together in one paper. Some teachers do try to make you see it their way though. That’s how you resist brainwashing, by thinking about something critically instead of taking the brainwashing on.

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