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Cults and How They Work

September 29, 2018

Cults and certain religious groups that could be defined as a cult do not necessarily allow for freedom of thought or the ability to criticize ideas. Cult leaders know various mind control techniques. Cults are not necessarily easy to spot since they do not necessarily look eccentric. You see members of cults are smart, attractive and knowledgeable. Cults are not all religious nutcases, they are made of people who want to trick people by recruiting them in order to trick and control them. Christians and sometimes people of mainstream religions call other groups cults. But a modern definition of a cult is that mind control and deceptive recruiting techniques that uses its own belief system sometimes loosely based on normal world religions.

There are cult groups out there that demand money, sometimes these are multi-level marketing organizations. The cult is invested in making you pay for motivational tapes, videos, books and seminars. Personal success is a way in to control the victim of cult brainwashing. There are also a myriad of self-help or counseling types of cults where they demand you recruit friends, family and workmates. Some of these groups do not use religious terms to indoctrinate other people, only with the truth coming out at the end of a seminar.

Cults can also be political in nature, with the latest Nazi activity in the United States reflecting that of Nazi Germany during Hitler’s time. Cults use social pressure to get innocent people to do whatever they want. I value freedom of thought. This is why I would be hard to brainwash to join a cult. I have a college degree which means I have learned to think for myself. Many cult victims are forced to act happy that their group is doing such great things for this planet such as bringing us world peace.

Cult leaders feel that they are the only ones who can make a difference on this planet, meaning that they would be able to save people. Cult victims are told to believe in the cult as the only way to salvation would be to do what they say. Groups that claim to be better than others are a cult that you need to be suspicious of. Cults recruit members because they are busy trying to control people. Controlling people is easy for them if the innocent victims are told they will need to join this group in order to feel special or that they are contributing to the world.

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