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How to Stop Gossip and Rumor Spreading: Standing Up For Yourself

October 1, 2018

Starting a rumor is a very deliberate act that spreads on purpose. My roommates in college spread rumors about me. I know every word of those rumors. I took my schoolwork more seriously than I took social interaction in those days. One roommate spread a rumor about how I ate a whole enchilada for myself. Other rumors were not so tactful. My family also spreads rumors about how I can’t take care of myself when that’s a total lie, despite when caught in this lie and not even showing signs of squirming. This is what sociopaths do. They enjoy hurting people.

Gossip is best stopped when somebody says that they do not want to hear it. Friends can help stop the spread of gossip by standing up for you. Confronting the rumor spreader with anger causes the social milieu to believe that the rumor is true, which is why you have to stay calm while confronting somebody. Rumors can also be secrets that slip. Gossipers are cruel about what they say. They formulate immense lies to make you feel bad about simply being you. In school, many people gossiped about me from 6th grade to college. I was tormented that long. I could have used a gap year, but no, my family wouldn’t let me have one.

I was not allowed to make adult decisions at 18 because I supposedly have a developmental delay. My family made sure that I didn’t step too far out of my comfort zone until I was 24 when I transferred to State. I didn’t get on medication until I was 20. Spreading rumors is something they excel at. Rumors such as, I can’t take care of myself. This is 100% gossip that isn’t true. What is true though is that nobody is on medication except me.

I’m fed up with their, “I don’t need medication” delusions. Rumors are best ignored at times. When rumors spread, it is best to not alter your routine at all since you have to confront the rumors head on by this. Gossips like to gossip because they plain flat out enjoy themselves. That is right, they like to make stuff up which just proves they are the hypocrite, not you. Rumors need to be confronted head on as I did to my roommates in 2004. I had to do mean stuff to them to get me moved into a better living situation as the school wasn’t letting me move until my second semester.

I have to wonder if that was all deliberate on the part of the administrator at the time. I mean like she did it on purpose. To keep me trapped since my whole life feels like one huge trap sometimes. I’m trapped as a low-income person. My family traps me. I’ve applied at a pizza company, which I’m waiting to hear back on. It is best not to pass gossip along since it spreads like wildfire. I do not gossip on my own time about anybody. Gossip does change the way people interact about you, with you, and around you.

Gossip is as gossip does since gossip can be gossip even if it is true. Of course, in my family’s case, spreading rumors that I can’t take care of myself is not true. Lying about it doesn’t help because I already know what you did and I can repeat what you said word for word. Sometimes keeping a secret can mean simply not talking about it, and actually faking that you do not know about this secret. Spreading gossip is an anti-social behavior.

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