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Various Kinds of Abuse

October 1, 2018

Physical abuse involves the abuser using their physical body to punch, kick, slap or restrain the victim in any way. Sexual abuse can be a form of physical abuse, which means that it involves sexual acts or using sex to get what the abuser wants. Abusers may have a sexual entitlement complex because they demand sex from people. Psychological abuse is designed to wear on somebody’s self-esteem. Abusers deny that abuse took place and this is called gaslighting. Financial abuse can take place because abusers use their victim’s credit causing problems. Cultural abuse uses aspects of a victim’s personality to threaten them with racial slurs, or not letting the victim observe dietary habits of their faith or health.

These are but a few definitions of what abuse is. Gaslighting is insidious because the perpetrator makes you doubt your own version of reality. Gaslighting is a predatory thing to do to somebody because they do not know how badly that person is messing with them. Being around abusers is something that can negatively affect your health because of all the stress that can cause. Abusers manipulate their victims. This is just the nature of abusive behavior. Coercion plays a role in how abusers think. So in order to get away from abusive people, you have to stay away from them since they mean you deliberate harm.

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