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Energy Boundary Problems

October 2, 2018

Energy boundaries are easy to fix according to the book, Energetic Boundaries: How to Stay Protected and Connected in Work, Love, and Life by Cyndi Dale. She has written numerous self-help books for people interested in psychic development. She believes in asking the Divine for spiritual protection and healing because “clearing the physical, emotional and relational boundaries is most quickly and effectively done in combination with healing spiritual boundaries.” (Dale 41). I’ve been working on my boundaries since I got this book. I’ve worked rather hard on it.

Stuff that can do damage to your spiritual boundaries include religious guilt issues, spiritual intolerance, bad spiritual standards such as doing something natural or being told that talking to someone outside of the spiritual group you belong to is wrong. Cult brainwashing is another way to mess yourself up along with ritual abuse that may occur in Satanist environments. If a religion hurts people with terrorism, they are not a religion at all.

Having to feel like you need to join a specific political party also affects your energy boundaries. Hearing that Deity only loves a specific group of people, or hearing messages that enhance shame, powerlessness or a sense of your being bad. There are also such scenarios as ancestral spirits or entities that control humans via the intuitive realms. Now, I really do have schizophrenia, which Dale acknowledges as a real mental illness, there is hope for her yet. My difficulties with spiritual practitioners is that they do not often understand that my schizophrenia is real. They do not think, without my meds, well, I’d be very dysfunctional. This is why I write articles like these, because I need them to hear where I’m coming from with my health problems.

My huge energy boundary issue is the Paper Doll Syndrome. The same stuff happens over and over again in my life. I’m stuck on low-income for example. What Cyndi Dale gets into is that energetic boundaries need to be worked on in order to achieve a balanced state in your life. Sameness plagues my life in multiple areas, not just my money situation. It doesn’t matter how much therapy I get. I don’t have curses, but I have an energy marker or two that I’m trying to remove since sometimes I deal with people being rude to me no matter their behavior. A hold means your life is stuck.

Holds come from parents to keep their kids “safe” and mine have definite holds on me. It is why I’m having trouble manifesting money. I see brown areas in the red physical boundaries where my family is just ridden with schizophrenia. Nobody is aware of his or her disability or their need for medication except me. To release all of these painful ways of existing, the cure is to release the contract or cord asking the Divine to send a healing stream of grace. If you accept the stream of grace, acknowledging it as perfect for you, you then ask the Divine to cleanse you of remnants or effects of the cord that lingers. You ask the Divine for a healing stream of grace for anybody involved with the contract. The Divine heals you internally, and then you need to feel gratitude for this change in your life. I’m working very hard on healing my energy boundary issues as I have had every single one in this book I’m citing. I’m working on all of them, one by one, and one day at a time at that. Something in my life will eventually change.

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