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Schizophrenia’s Many Genes

October 2, 2018

Schizophrenia has several genetic components because of a minor to major genetic deletion. Schizophrenia is classified as a psychotic disorder because you hear voices, see things that aren’t there, and in general need medication to function. Schizophrenics have hallucinations. Back when I had no diagnosis, mine scared me to death since I didn’t have a reference point as to why my brain made me delusional constantly. I didn’t have a concrete diagnosis of pediatric-onset schizophrenia until I was 30. This was because I didn’t get medications to try until I was 20.

Schizophrenics have trouble with social settings, because of disordered thinking and concentration because people with schizophrenia have diminished ability to maintain facial expressions. Many schizophrenics have trouble with substance abuse as a way to quell the voices. I can spot a schizophrenic quickly since many talk to themselves. Or do drugs to stop them from hearing voices. I had to put up with severe stress during childhood with no medication from the time I was a year old. I’m no fan of not being on meds, so I strive to be as medication consistent as possible. People with 22q such as myself have heart problems although mine healed without intervention, and immune system issues (I was constantly ill growing up and didn’t know what yelling at somebody sounded like until I joined student government at Foothill College where I learned how I can yell.

I was also born with an opening in the roof of my mouth that required surgery to fix. I got that surgery at age 8 when I feel it should have been done earlier, such as at age 3 and then I would have been willing to talk more. Schizophrenics all have some kind of genetic deletion if they have schizophrenia. At NAMI I learned that we all have some kind of gene problem, and I realized everybody in the room had something just like me. I learned that I was no different from the next person.

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