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I’m done being low-income.

October 3, 2018

I’m just frustrated at being low-income. I’m done with this state of being as I want to make more money. I’m so past done being low-income although I have to stay within the limit if I start making money. The SSI limit is $2,000. So if I make enough money to survive off of it’d be like $500 a month give or take. I’m looking for other work from home writing jobs as I have an old computer that may not meet the standards other companies need to have. I’m trying my best here to make extra money.

Yes, some may find my low-income situation appalling but you must stay low-income to qualify for SSI. You have to stay low-income, there is no other way around that. I’m hoping to make money off of a book eventually. I have submitted another article to a new website I found. I’m trying to join other websites because I need multiple streams of income. I’m just plain fed-up with being low-income but see, there’s this pesky thing called sleep the whole night that I’m still working on. I feel immense guilt for being stable because my family is unstable but hell, it’s their problem they are unstable.

I choose to be happy, I choose to be stable. I’m doing well. I’m feeling better than I did on the 1st since that day I was in a scary mood. My calcium supplement running low had something to do with that. I need to take calcium daily since I have a calcium deficiency. This is something Shebeast forgot to mention to me while I was losing weight and maintaining a gym membership. So in which case, she did not tell me I had a calcium problem, which is why I fractured a bone in the first place, I fractured my tibia. My goal is to make $100 per website I sign up with that accepts my application. That makes a grand total of $500. I can also do psychic readings give or take I find 20 people who will pay me which will also make me $500. This is still within the limit.

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