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Freeing the Human Race From All Dictators

October 4, 2018

We have 45 in the United States, and Putin in Russia. We have tyrannical rulers in Iran and other Middle Eastern countries at the same time that I’m not quite sure I know enough about. But seriously, as a race we have to decide to do something about our multiple oppressors especially the one in the Philippines. If we could somehow as a planet, get rid of all of them, the rest of the galaxy would look at us with a newfound respect. We need to do something about the oppression ruling this planet right now. No Deity wants this stuff to go on.

So it is up to us to make sweeping changes on this planet where the people live in fear. The United States being called a flawed democracy bothers me, a lot. Only because we are not necessarily a flawed democracy in our past but for the present there are many problems. We all have to participate. We have to start talking to each other. Some societies are complacent in their need to be controlled like in China. The human race is not a free people just yet. We have work to do in that department.
Freeing the Human Race From All Dictators


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