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Law School Options

June 23, 2019

Before I start my non-profit and make significant income from my blog, I just wanted to explain why I have decided to go to UCLA for my law degree. I can only consider this because I’m stable in the present. UCLA is the right school, as Los Angeles gets great weather besides, and that’s because I’ve considered schools like Davis or Santa Clara University. What I actually want to do to make money though is to become a television/movie producer while I’m in Law School. I have a creative streak. This streak makes me enjoy having many irons in the fire. It is just the way I am. Not every career counselor understands this.

I’ve thought hard about that A.A. degree in film and television. I also need to get my MFA, which is great for working in Los Angeles as a producer. This is a job that will help me make money while in school. I have movie ideas anyway. One such idea is a documentary on chronic illness and disability. But that I have to keep to myself some more so nobody steals my idea. This is something that crosses my mind on a regular basis.

It’s why my knee is still an excuse to not go to business mixers. *grin, I’m just getting the darn thing back though, daily, it has been weird for three years since I injured myself on March 7th 2016. So yes, UCLA is my first choice, although I will apply to other schools. I need to take a trip to Los Angeles. But the first step is to make enough money, the second is to go to Mental Health rehab, and the third is to try to talk to the Law school department. Two people I really need to see though-are my career counselors at Foothill College, the school I went to, just to finalize things in my head. I decided against a dual degree for Law School and a Public Health masters. Somehow that idea made me stress. I want to have enough money to be a full-time student. This will take awhile because I need my A.A. in film and television first. Then I can move to UCLA and get my MFA. After that, I need my law degree. Or maybe I can get my MFA here in San Jose, as they have screenwriting classes. My life is half over, my ass.

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