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Why I want an MBA

June 24, 2019

I would like an MBA, a real one, not an honorary one, to help people like me who are on SSI, start businesses in order to make real money, but as I know about all the manifestation brou-haha, I wouldn’t be using that approach to coaching so much as I would use science. Then again, in private practice I can get away with the manifestation stuff. The thing is, many people on SSI want to get off SSI, although there are still a great many who are on SSI for reasons that they need the money, as well as the medical care. It was once said by Zod, “why the hell should we get money?” It was bad enough for them to think that I get free medical care.

That goes to show you my family’s general ignorance about many things rational. Shall we say that I have many business ideas, and I’m the sort of person who has many irons in the fire? I cannot break myself of this tendency. Believe me, I have tried. I can’t. I’m just pulled in many different directions and I like this way. An MBA could help me learn a lot of business math among other things. I’m supposed to learn accounting also. Zod is an accountant, and Lady Zod is a real estate broker. They’ve always had money. But anyway, what do I care? This blog could make me $100,000 a month.

I have no idea what it is actually like to have that kind of money. I’ve never had more than $1,000 to $1300 a week from my Heller-Ehrman stint as a law records clerk. So yes, I’m busy trying to make money off of copywriting, and Symmetry Financial when I can pay for the study materials. I need to try at this point, since I’m losing it being low-income. This month I’ve saved quite a bit, so as to roll over to the next month.

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