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My Roaring Alchy 20s.

August 27, 2019

In my twenties, I was a functional alcoholic who got praised for my drinking everywhere I went. Like that’s a good thing? Twisted. I didn’t think it was a good thing when I quit. In fact, I quit because I saw the reality before me since my Cousin intervened. Holy hell, Alcohol makes someone like me very dysfunctional. To have both inner peace and outer peace, I kept up my codependent drinking habits. I quit drinking in 2010 and I reduced my caffeine intake in 2010. Caffeine addiction is quite real, you see, and the thing about that is not many would see they are addicts. Its on TV, our culture is saturated in coffee. Some people cannot function unless they’ve had theirs. That is a physiological addiction, which I had. Energy is praised, mania is praised, its why I had trouble staying stable. But now I’m clean of all addictions, even sugar.

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