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How I use Yoga Breathing at the Dentist

November 22, 2019

Yoga teaches you how to breathe properly, and how to focus on one pose at a time. At my dentist, I have learned how to use yoga breathing to put up with the X-ray machine they stick in your mouth. I need antibiotic before dental work to prevent infections. This Monday I’m going to my dentist for a cleaning and I’m taking the bus. Dentistry doesn’t scare me. I use yoga and Zen focus to get out of the pain of any procedure. Cleaning does not hurt as bad. Yoga is a relaxing practice that helps you focus on things but anxiety. I spent 9 years in yoga class until my knee injury stopped that for 3 years. I dislocated my kneecap and fractured my tibia in one day from pivoting my foot the wrong way.

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