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Why I’m Making An Effort to Stay Sober And How People Manipulate Me Into Drinking

December 15, 2019

Manipulation works something like this, “I will treat you well if you drink.” I’m not desperate to be treated well, and I’d rather be mistreated than touch a drop of alcohol but then again I’m working on my codependency issues in order to uncover why I get mistreated so much. I guess I allow it. I really know a thing or two about why I stayed alcoholic for so many years. My family acted like they really liked me while I was drinking but when I quit, they started hating on me again. That’s a totally narcissistic thing to do.

So if I stand up for myself, I’m not going to apologize for kicking toxic folks out of my life, anybody who had enabled my drinking in the past, well they have to go. My family doesn’t recognize they have a drinking problem. It’s why I’ve determined it is time to make real money, and get the hell out of dodge the day before they arrive. This may actually happen this way provided I pay the shit out of my taxes before they show up. Having extra income will mean I can get out of the house more, actually drive, or at the very least fix my car, and the door will be open to publish articles online. I’m making an effort to stay sober, because staying sober means staying functional. I’m a recovered functional alcoholic. I will eventually find an all remote job that’s work from home or remote enough to work with a laptop I will buy myself. Yes, they fear me making real money. They fear me having financial control over my life in any way. Hell, just the fact I’ve been ruled competent is too much for them. A type 1 diabetic should not drink too much and if they do, it should be non-alcoholic beer.

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