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Why My Sobriety Threatens Unstable Folk

December 15, 2019

Some people are scared of a sober person who is in control of her power. Yes, they intimidate me because they are scared to death of me. That’s why a bully intimidates others at any rate, they want to make them squirm. The key is to give them a taste of their own medicine and make them squirm back. Making people squirm is a specialty of mine. Me not showing up to family holidays, has become a protest act that is setting a firm boundary. What misery exists in their homestead. I go to places to have a good time, not to be miserable.

If I can’t tell a dirty joke in honor of my uncle’s dirty jokes, then why the frak should I care? I’d rather be alone with the psychic sensitive turned on than at a party where everybody is convinced I will not succeed at anything I put my hand to. My family is so freakin’ brainwashed by the goddamn lying some people do. I mean just wow. I’m not retarded, 22q doesn’t cause that. My degree of severity is that this genetic deletion thingy is minor, and treatable. I mean I was wondering if my endoscopy would uncover a hot mess but it wasn’t that bad.

Apparently I’m not a hot mess. Hamburgers were my first addiction. I have since kicked this addiction and all others to the curb. I have work to do today like any other day. But even workaholism is an addiction, something I’m also working on this holiday season. My sobriety threatens some people because they aren’t taking care of their problem. I’m fed up with staying silent about this. But see, we will eventually be making money, streams of income, yadda yadda. Me having real money or a job and a job will rock the boat. I look forward to this boat rocking yo, because I feel I will amount to something after all.

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