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My Career Is Impacted By the New Law, So I Have To Submit More Stories to Magazines

December 23, 2019

Textbroker is a freelance website that is impacted by the new California AB 5 law, because those of us who write may get blacklisted as we live in California. I will no longer have access to OpenOrders. This law has to play out in the full view of the California labor code. Some companies do not want to hire someone as a permanent employee but the new law is designed to prevent writers, editors, and cartoonists from submitting 35 content submissions per year. This bill is nothing but a way to stop writers from freelancing because some of us do not have the time or energy to be a full-time employee. Nobody stopped to think about this impact, now did they?

I need to submit more stories to magazines. Transcription is a much more stable Internet based job right now. Some feel this new law is a way to hire permanence-style freelancers who get paid more rather than paid pennies. So in which case, other companies must blacklist those they are not willing to hire. Either way I’m screwed as an outsourced freelancer, because how I would love to work at a California company as a remote writer.

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