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What is Reiki?

January 11, 2020

Reiki is a hands-on energy healing modality that is done through clothing. Reiki is great for reducing stress, and on a personal level I use it on myself a lot. If you learn how to draw the symbols on your hand, all you have to do is channel prana or energy through your body since that is what helps create an appearance or quality of being alive. Reiki was invented in Japan to treat different kinds of health issues. A student is “attuned” to Reiki in a class that usually runs for one weekend, although I want to have a level 2, yearlong Reiki experience. Mikao Usui learned Reiki on the top of a mountain while wanting to help people heal the spirit as he was meditating to figure out a new healing modality. There are legitimate Reiki classes everywhere by now. It really does help with a variety of pain issues.

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