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What is Telekinesis or Psychokinesis?

January 12, 2020

It certainly isn’t fictional bullshit. Chocolate and the caffeine in chocolate, triggers the shit out of me. As in, it activates that mental state I need to move objects with my mind or bend metals. I had previously thought all this crap was fictional bullshit and that Uri Gellar was lying or doing a stage magician thing to bamboozle people. I do not know anything about stage magick, period. This is why my kinesis abilities are real. When I see it, it just makes me feel disassociative anxiety because I’m wondering if I’m actually seeing it. I feel stark raving crazy just looking at it. Charmed featured telekinesis as Prue’s power. She can shut the door of her house with it. I’m wondering if I could get to that point. Once at a certain dojo for hackers, I managed to move the faucets in the sink. It only happens when I’m focused, have had chocolate, and imagine a light coming from my third eye. That is also how I shut off cars, having had the good fortune to talk about that with someone I know from my Facebook page. I can explode glass with my energy which I haven’t done in many years unless you count that time at the supermarket where people were trying to buy booze at the self-checkout. I guess that pissed me off. Their booze bottle exploded.

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