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Research For Shadow of the Phoenix Rising

January 13, 2020

My social network should be free for everybody who wants to sign up to find psychics they can work with. At first I thought to charge, but if I want to be a metaphysical Facebook with many different features, I realized it should be free to the public. Marketing this business would be as easy as putting fliers at the East West bookshop so that people find it, and come to me. I want to do a presentation for the owners of East West, but I need them to sign a non-compete agreement, and a non-disclosure agreement. It’d be nice to have the money to take classes at SCORE, classes that would alleviate my general ignorance about the field of marketing. The first step I have to take is to find a real job that’s work from home, and can provide me with significant income. When you get paid, is when you can buy Anthem Blue Cross PPO insurance. I also have to sell this business I’m setting up, Shadow of the Phoenix Rising. It may get huge. I have to start talking to bookshop owners whether its in person or using Zoom.

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