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What Are Codependent Behaviors?

January 13, 2020

People pleasing and trying to make everybody happy is a codependent behavior. I’m done people pleasing, so I’m going to quit being afraid of my business ideas and put it together. I’m going to quit being afraid of being public about stuff, in order to make something of myself. Trying to make everybody happy always fails. Today is not your day to be made happy. Nothing scares my family more than when I set healthy boundaries like “no fight picking” so this is why I’m going to find a business partner with metaphysical bookshops. I really don’t need to be needed by other people anymore, so that’s why when my family comes back, if they do I’m going to be at a spa in Santa Cruz seeking alternative medicine treatments.

I’m going to quit not telling people “no,” in order to be accommodating to them. What the hell is my problem? I do not want to stop bringing up difficult topics of conversation. I can make rules for myself I enforce. I have healthier reactions to disagreements. I do not want to be a caretaker of other people in order to control or manipulate them. I dumped a friendship that had turned into that. Living by myself has taught me how to pay attention to my needs, feelings, and what I want. I have learned how to nurture myself instead of taking care of other people. I have learned how to get enough sleep instead of doing for others. I’m also learning how to reclaim my power, because it is my power not someone else’s. I keep it for myself.

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7 Signs of People-Pleasing & Codependency

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