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How Mean Words Can Cut into your Energy Field

January 26, 2020

My book on How to Give Bullies What They Deserve, is all about bullies who try to come after people and what us innocent folk can do about it. Sometimes you have to think like a bully in order to beat one at their own game, which is to gaslight you, lie to you, make it your fault because in general they are giving you unnecessary shit. The bully is looking to make you their target. Mean words can cut up your energy field in really nasty ways. It can suck you dry, give you holes, making you feel bad about yourself in general since words really do hurt people’s feelings. It’s not as though people are looking out for your best interests when they are mean. Per a conversation with a friend, I managed to figure out that some people feel they do not have the right to be nasty to someone, not even if they are tired of taking their shit, but then I pointed out how necessary being mean to people who are throwing hostility in your direction can be.

  1. Two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s good to stand up to mean people, as long as we don’t stoop down to their level by being mean ourselves. The best way to deal with name-callers and criticizers is to ignore them.

    • iriavp permalink

      Not always. This is because some people do not stop their abuse when told to. My family is like that. The Ex is like that. Pick on me enough times, you bring out my Mirror-Universe evil side, and then wonder why this person’s feelings got hurt. I have been put in situations with the Ex where he wouldn’t stop being abusive. I have been through non-stop torment because my parents expected me to say with a pot-head, who also needs medication himself. He probably has some personality issues on top of that. So I dumped him because I’m fragile right now from Mr. Hernia. I do not have much energy to debate anything or deal with people being mean, period.

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