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Diabetes Management Success

January 27, 2020

I’m successfully keeping my average at 160 mg/dl, because here I go, I’m actually succeeding at the impossible. My infusion set has to work, I have to keep it from coming down if it is being destroyed psychically, or from my psychokinesis. My energy is something I witnessed bending an insulin needle, to the point where I was 269 one minute, but went up to 290 mg/dl, felt terrible, was forced to inject again, and in the end I finally came down after the second injection. I have witnessed insulin 30mm needles move around, side-to-side, and then it actually didn’t inject me right. Insulin pen needles have bent when I tried to inject it into my thigh. My blood sugar was high damn it, which freaks me out. I get really scared at high blood sugar, while lows wipe me out from the anxiety also. But the point is I’m maintaining a stable blood sugar, I’m succeeding. The Paperdoll Syndrome Cyndi Dale talks about may yet be broken. I’m working on it. I have also witnessed insulin pen needles bend when making contact with my thigh. How do you explain that one?

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