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Clairempathy: What Is It?

January 28, 2020

Clairempathy is defined as ‘clear feeling’ or feeling someone’s emotions. At the Parent-Teen Retreat Junior year I experienced clairempathy when I was telling someone how they slept the night before while she had a cold. I was giving her a rather graphic description of how her nasal drip worked in the back of her throat. I was literally feeling the emotion or physical sensation that she was loudly thinking about. I have looked over the Berkeley Psychic Institute online program, which I’m considering enrolling in. I need better training although I find the Daily Om cheaper since it is $15 per class as you are willing to pay however much you need to. I also have an account at Centre of Excellence I can’t afford. So yeah, I have to figure out how to do more than just read books and find myself a private teacher give or take me getting to them or them getting to me given my Mr. hernia related energy levels. I am wary of going out too long.

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