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Claircognizant Insights, How It’s Done

January 28, 2020

I get my claircognizant to work by just thinking about what it is I need to have an insight about, like what business to start first. I have lately been thinking about why I deal with abusive people too much, and what I’ve actually thought of is that it is a Paper Doll Syndrome kind of situation. I have to dump or distance myself from toxic people on a regular basis. I am trying to heal myself of a hernia and its related issues. Or at the very least, I’m working on making an effort to fix my type 1- diabetes also, both in the physical world, and other than that. I just think about something deeper and then some knowledge randomly pops into my head. It is how I decided to get Lamictal for myself because I woke up one morning and thought, dude, I need Lamictal for good judgment. And there you go, in 2017, I decided to get one more medication so as to stay stable.

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