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Why Having a Mental Health Situation and Getting Picked On Is Traumatic

February 22, 2020

People who pick on those who have a mental illness are causing the victim of this bullying further suffering because their symptoms can’t be helped. In college, I didn’t have a formal diagnosis beyond major depressive disorder. As it is, I’m more stable now than I was back then while trying to get stable without a psychiatrist’s help since I wasn’t allowed to see one. Of course my family would gaslight their way through this little fact. But anyway, in college, I had to blow up at the kids in my holistic health class for harassing me passing a pen around to me that had the names of mediations on it.

I blew up and stated that you do not know my situation so why are you pestering me when I was talked out of taking medication that semester. I didn’t apply for SSI until 2008. I got it in April 2009. But for starters, I was fed up with them implying I should get medication, since it would be on my family’s whim to get it or not with their blessing or not. Somebody flat out deserved my aggression that day since I found their behavior aggravating, and lacking in compassion. I went all out with “you do not know my situation, so quit pestering me.” I had to remind her that nobody in school is allowed to take me to the hospital, if I needed to go. Today will be an exercise in dropping off my sharps containers, and finding the psych ward. I may have to look into escaping certain people when they come, by hospitalizing myself since their mental health symptoms impact my mind, body, and spirit.

  1. Unfortunately, people can be unbelievably cruel. I’m glad your in a better place now.

    • iriavp permalink

      They can be. But see, I’m a brutal psychic bitch who can say something mean and scathing to them that will bite them in the ass right back!

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