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June 4, 2021

So I spoke with my former counselor at Foothill College, and she told me about how I had passed English 1A/1B making my general ed good at that school.  I remembered that I had taken English 1A one summer in San Francisco at City College when I decided to stay up in the city for that summer.  Yes, so now that there is an online option with only talk of schools reopening in the fall when the pandemic manages to end, I’m just going to say that I’m needing to take English 1A for work. I need to take a bunch of journalism classes too but we shall see.

I wann a scholarship as it applies to Ciy College, which I want to take Fall 2021.  This summer will be spent finishing Udemy classes though.  I added schools and resubmitted my FAFSA form.  I added Mission College and San Francisco City College.  She also said to consider West Valley.  In California, you can make a career out of earning junior college certficiates, and associates.  But then again I want to freelance. A friend of mine is trying to do exactly that given we both kick each other into doing this to see if we can do well as freelancers. It is his plan to get through school.

I realize that’s a great plan I should have too.  Wow, way to set the bar real high and this kid is a Facebook friend/my student. He wanted me to teach him psychic stuff so I said sure, I’m only forty with limited teaching experince. The experience involves teaching my latent friends how to manage their stuff. They don’t make reading a habit though.  But anyway, I’m a book nerd, a school nerd, someone who enjoys learning.

I’m eventually going to wind up a college professor with more than one Associates, Bachelor’s, etc. I want to get my MFA in creative writing/screenwriting and study a bit of film and television.  I want to write for Star Trek, since ample opportunities exist in the present for that.  I’m working on writing two books at once here though, which is a bit exhausting given it is spring time.  I’m dealing with spring time feelings of stress. Sunlight stress for lack of a better term. I’m trying to go to bed when it gets dark.

Anyway, the thought of enrolling in one English class on a grant is exciting. So exciting that I may be losing sleep over it.  It is an online class, which means I don’t have to compete seeing people’s faces.  I can hide out.  My young-looking skin is not a target of having to be eye candy for boys and men. If fall classes return, I want to actually take a chance getting myself into the De Anza library research certificate track but I cannot overload myself.  For all intents and purposes, I have to know what is too much for me to handle.  I do not need to impress people with how many classes I take and I don’t need to admire them either if other people take excess units just to finish faster. There was a reason I was an addict all through school. Some people can’t handle that one can they?  I quit. I was an addict and I quit. There you happy now? I am a school addict though and I quit that so I have to be careful with how many units I wind up taking every quarter or semester, since Foothlill-Deanza use Quarters while everybody else in California uses semesters. New information I  just found out abd didn’t know while I was in the thick of it. Psychology is easy to take at Foothill, because I know exactly what to take and Psych 1 is done.

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